In brief

Desart Studio is specialised in graphic design, web applications, multimedia products, high-quality printed materials. It has been created by Ventseslav Dyankov and Roumen Boboshevski in 1994 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

We aim to create and produce
qualitative and meaningful products
having simple and clean design,
which effectively transmit
the messages of our clients.

Our working criteria are strict and consistent, regardless of the projects specs and volume. Living in the age of "overcommunication", the mission of designers is to stay away from meaningless and tasteless graphic interpretation.


of Desart Studio are well-established Bulgarian companies mainly in the fields of: Hotels & tourism, Land Development, Products & Services, Industry. Here is a selected list of present clients of our studio:

  • Chartis Bulgaria (formerly AIG)
  • Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association(BICA)
  • Bulgarian Land Development (BLD)
  • Information Services Plc
  • Grand Hotel Sofia
  • Pro Build Group Jsc
  • Victoria Group Holding
  • Segafredo Zanetti for Bulgaria
  • Central Park Hotel
  • Helena Resort - Sunny Beach
  • Laguna Beach Resort - Sozopol
  • Hotel Maria Luisa
  • Hotel Grand Victoria - Sunny Beach
  • European Tobacco Services
  • Congress Engineering
  • Sikander International
  • Bach Society in Bulgaria
  • Veritas Real Solutions
  • TriEl Ltd.
  • Hotel Kolikovski
  • Tony Lans Ltd.


It is always funny to us when we look at this slogan which showed up in our 2003 web site. It seems to have ambiguous meaning. Some people get it this way:

A friend of ours said:

— Well, you get there fast — you do your job halfway, take the money and go to have a beer...

Nice interpretation. There is another:

We don't stop working on a project until we are sure that our clients communicate fast and efficient with their audience.
This interpretation of the slogan is good for all parties in the communication process - clients, audience, designers. We think nobody needs one more mediocre product.

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